Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

Looking for something a bit more exotic? TEFL International’s course in Ho Chi Minh City (HCMC) provides an incredible opportunity, not only to earn a teaching certificate that will enable you to work and travel for life, but also to experience one of the world’s most amazing and interesting cultures.

HCMC is the largest city in Vietnam, it covers an area of over 2,000 square km and has a population of around 5 million. The city is located between the Mekong Delta and South Vietnam, 50km inland from the South China Sea, and serves as a great access city to most major Asian destinations. Previously known as Saigon, HCMC is the business center of the country. The whole city is vibrant and full of character. Everywhere you turn you will see street vendors, office workers, businessmen and thousands of bicycles. Swanky new cafes and bars, high rise office buildings and hotels, colorful shops, vibrant markets, and traditional temples and pagodas adorn the streets of this dynamic and growing city.

Vietnam is truly a wonderful place, full of very friendly people. The cost of living is extremely low and the teaching pay is surprisingly high for SE Asia (typically $8 to $15 US dollars per hour).

Course Location

HCMC sits on a bend of the Saigon River in the south of the country. The course is centrally located in town and close to various forms of public transportation, restaurants, bars, and shopping.

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Course Fees

$1,390 (excluding accommodation)

Accommodation is not provided onsite at the TEFL Center in HCMC, however rooms can be arranged in nearby guesthouses by the TEFL support staff. The accommodation is clean, air-conditioned, near local attractions and amenities, and is very reasonably priced (US$ 250 to US$ 350 a month).

* Please note: Unless noted otherwise, all prices are listed in US Dollar amounts. For an estimate of these amounts in your local currency, please click here.


You can choose to stay in a private hotel room or an apartment located near the school building, which is in the city center area. All rooms have air-conditioning, a private bath, and are clean and adequately furnished. Specials requests will be taken into consideration so please feel free to inquire within should you have any questions.

Course Dates

  • 8th October – 2nd November 2012
  • 5th November – 30th November 2012
  • 3rd December – 28th December 2012
  • 7th January – 1st February 2013
  • 18th February – 15th March 2013
  • 18th March- 12th April 2013
  • 15th April – 15th May 2013
  • 20th May – 14th June 2013
  • 24th June – 19th July 2013
  • 5th August – 30th August 2013
  • 9th September – 4th October 2013
  • 7th October – 1st November 2013
  • 4th November – 29th November 2013
  • 2nd December – 27th December 2013















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