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So you are interested in getting TEFL certified, yet you are either unable or don’t want to get on an airplane just yet.  We now have a program for all prospective ESL teachers that will allow you to get your TEFL certification online, part-time, and prepare you for teaching English abroad!

This program is perfect for all of you with the travel bug and the desire to teach English overseas but without the time or funds to set aside for a full month overseas.  Perhaps you would like to continue working or finishing up your University semester and take this flexibly-scheduled program part-time!  You will be provided with top-notch job search guidance so that when you arrive in your chosen destination, you will be confident, prepared, and able to hit the ground running.


We offer lifetime job search guidance before, during, and after your online TEFL certification course, meaning that you have our veteran professors, advisers, and job search experts at your disposal before you even get a plane ticket.  This is a flexible alternative that allows you to continue your current lifestyle while preparing for a bright international future!


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