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Onsite Courses

Onsite Courses in countries around the world with TEFL CourseWhether you are looking for a change in career or simply a fun way to travel and experience the wonders of the world first-hand, TEFL International’s TESOL Certification is your best friend.

As soon as you step off of the airplane in your destination and the exotic breeze rolls past your face you will be thankful that you decided to live and train in your favorite destination for the four-week course. Aside from the splendors of the foreign locale, you will have more time to get used to the job market.

Learn how to Speak a Foreign Language + get TEFL Certified in Paris, Rome, Florence, Seville, or Costa Rica!

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Are you looking to teach English in  Europe? TEFL Experiences offers a 4-week course in ItalySpainFrance, UKGreece, and the Czech Republic.  Taking your TEFL Course onsite in Europe allows you to acclimate to the culture while enjoying the living history of these popular destinations.

To further your marketability, add a language immersion course to your TEFL Experience.  Click here to learn more.


Is Asia more your pace? TEFL Teachers in Asia are in high demand! TEFL Training Centers are located from Tokyo to Indonesia, with many  exotic destinations in between.  The job market in ThailandVietnam, and China is overflowing with opportunites for teachers of all experience levels.    Are you looking to make a difference in developing nations?

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Have you ever experienced the vibrant cultures of Central or South America? Then perhaps you should consider getting your TEFL Certification in MexicoCosta RicaArgentina, or even closer to home in New York City.

To further your ability to adapt to these colorful cultures, add a Spanish language immersion course to your TEFL Experience.  Click here to learn more


Come experience Egypt in a unique way! Our onsite TEFL Course offers an optional 4-week Arabic Cultural Immersion program in addition to the traditional TEFL Course.  You will get to experience life as an English teacher while staying in our seafront accommodations.

Click here to learn more about our 4-week TEFL Course or click here for additional information about our 8-week Arabic cultural immersion program!


Enjoy the modern cosmopolitan atmosphere in Sydney while gaining your TEFL Certification! Develop international networks and relish in the unique experience that Australia offers.

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4-Week TEFL Certification Courses Starting at $1399

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Online TEFL Course

Do you want to teach English abroad but you don't want to head overseas just yet? We now have an internationally accredited online TEFL Certification course available to increase your options for becoming an international English teacher!

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Language + TEFL

Take the extra step and elevate yourself above the competition with 2 or 4 weeks of intensive Language immersion before your TEFL course.

Paris, France

2, 4, or 6 weeks of French language training in Paris is available before your TEFL certification course. Ah, the mystique of Paris – a formidable force few can eschew.  From the allure of the old city center and the Eiffel tower to people-watching at one of the many cafes, your ability to understand French while serving as an international English teacher is imperative.  We have put together a complete program for you, including housing!  In this metropolitan environment, you will have a plethora of opportunities ahead of you – and after taking French lessons at our language school and receiving our world-class TEFL Certification training, you will be extremely well prepared to teach English abroad in France!


Rome, Italy

Add 2 or 4 weeks of Italian language training in Rome before your TEFL Certification course. Once a seat of the massive Roman empire, Rome now stands as both a reminder of where we have come from and where we are going.  Travelling the streets of the city you will see many famous vistas- the Colosseum, the Vatican, St. Peter’s Basilica, and museums filled with ancient and modern art.  A bustling hub of international business, this two thousand year old city has seen many phases of the human experience.  No matter your reason for traveling to Rome, it is absolutely critical that you learn how to speak Italian.  We have paired an Italian language immersion course with our TEFL Certification course so that when you meet your future employer face-to-face (as is customary in Italy) you will be able to hold your own in a vernacular conversation.

Florence, Italy

Prepare yourself for a truly Italian experience with 2, 4, or 6 weeks of Italian language lessons before your TEFL Certification course. Despite its status as the capital and most populous city in Tuscany, Florence (called Firenze by the locals) is still a hotspot for teaching English.  The ancient Etruscan culture seeps into everyday life as you travel about this wonderful city.  There are so many lovingly-adorned churches and museums in Florence that even the most zealous history, culture, and art buffs will be hard-pressed to fit it all in.  This is one of the many reasons that we have prepared an Italian Language immersion program that will leave you educated and prepared for working in the Florentine English teaching market.  We train all levels of Italian speakers, from the absolute beginner to someone just looking to fine-tune their abilità di comunicazione.  This course is extremely popular and tends to reach capacity two-three months in advance, so inquire today!

Seville, Spain

Do you want to teach English in Spain?  You had better speak Spanish to survive in the local job markets.  We have prepared 2 and 4 week Spanish language courses before your TEFL Certification course. The stunning vistas and deeply rooted culture are just two of the many reasons that international English teachers flock to Spain.  Especially in the sunny South of Spain, the market for English teaching jobs in booming – thus becoming increasingly impacted.  It is more important now than ever to have a firm grasp on the Spanish language to differentiate yourself from the multitude of English teachers pouring over Spanish borders.  Give me a call and we can discuss your options!

Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica

Enroll in 2, 4, or 6 weeks of Spanish language training in Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica and jump ahead of the deluge of fresh US college graduates in the search for a more fulfilling existence.  No longer can you get by with “Hola, uno mas cerveza por favor”, English Language School employers in Central and South America are insisting on fluency with the local language.  What better way to start your career as an international English teacher than to become a hispanohablante yourself and impress your employers!  Make yourself the best teacher you can, inquire today!

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Heading overseas and getting started on your new international career is not as complicated as it may seem!  We have many specials running throughout the year to help you get to your destination as smoothly as possible – hurry, these fantastic deals are for a limited time only!

Starting at $1399

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